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Justin LeClair

Computer Systems Analyst - Wide Range Developer

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1716 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN, 55104


     I am a life-long software engineer, having started programming around age 10 in elementary school, keeping computer science a passion of mine ever since. I've studied the entire topology of information technology, and pride myself in being able to see and engineer every level of software, from low-level compiled languages and machine code up through high-level frameworks, including all related auxiliary systems. I have specialized generally in web development, but am skilled with database systems, heavy-computation stacks, desktop application, mobile development, OS design, compiler methodology, and much more. I've also learned basic accounting, discrete maths, statistics, and other knowledge bases useful in the writing of business software.

Related Experience

Independent Contracting
2005 to present

Summary: I do independent contracting for most anything computing. Mostly, this involves home network set up, computer repair/assembly, consultation, small application development, web page maintenance, small business systems integration, penetration testing (security), device set up (printers/scanners/network storage devices/etc), tutoring (for basic use, programming, and application usage), and a lot of virus/malware/adware removal

Primary Skillsets: Primarily Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS/JS, system/network maintenance, and consultation

September 2015 - current

Summary: Application development for managing inventory and manual workers across web servers and micro computers (Raspberry Pi) for ShopJimmy and MNHomeOutlet. ShopJimmy refurbishes monitors for sale, breaks monitors down for parts for sale, and provides kits/manuals for disassembly and reassembly of monitors. MNHomeOutlet buys and processes bulk product overage from Minnesota outlets and department stores, maintaining and tracking a warehouse of inventory for online and floor sales.

Management of all new software development, maintaining current software assets (websites, inventory tracking, and conveyor line microcomputer software), and administration of computer hardware.

Primary Skillsets: PHP, Zend Framework, Magento, JQuery, HTML/CSS/JS, Microcomputer development (Raspberry Pi), C-14, MySQL, Git, Employee management software

Best Buy
July 2015 to August 2015

Summary: custom Ruby systems application development for deploying, managing, reporting, and accessing application codebases within systems both cloud-based and dedicated; including load balancing and auditing, using multi-threaded daemon agent tracking, web API, web interface, and federated infrastructure

Primary Skillsets: Ruby, Angular.js, MySQL, Chef/AWS/Cloud integration, DevOps, dynamic VPS deployment, systems administration tooling, task queue management

Arux Software
Jan 2014 to June 2014

Summary: systems programming for Ruby on Rails, server administration (LAMP), email to SMS(Text) API / mail server development, database management, geo-location development in Ruby, and git management

Primary Skillsets: Primarily Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS/JS, P-SQL, MySQL, system/network maintenance, and consultation

Internet Exposure
Wide-Range Developer  ·  Jan 2012 - Dec 2013 (2 yr)  ·  Eagan, MN

Duties: server administration (IIS and Linux, in house), technical documentation, project planning, software development for any language/system not covered by other employees, animation development, database management (T-SQL, MySQL), web development, API development, mobile app development (iPhone games for clients), interview/new-talent processing, employee training, general business consultation

Primary Skillsets:HTML/CSS/JS, JQuery, PHP, ASP Classic, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Ruby w/ Sinatra, Symfony, IIS server administration, T-SQL, MySQL, Objective C w/ Coco

'Strategic' Developer  ·  Jan 2008 - Dec 2011 (4 yrs)  ·  Roseville, MN

Duties: Managing any IT needs. Managed tech support, trained tech support staff, client training, web development, web design, web application development, server administration (Linux and IIS), system administration, hardware installation, internal tech support, consultation, project estimation, technical documentation, occasional cooking, solutions research, desktop application development, CMS development, flagship product development, project architecture, systems analysis, database management (MySQL), crisis recovery planning, 3rd party tool integration, client assistance for project planning, project execution, designated guy for "IT'S BROKE FIX IT NOW!", designated guy for "how would somebody do this?"

Primary Skillsets:HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, ASP Classic, ASP.NET, MySQL, T-SQL, .NET, C#, IIS administration, LAMP server administration

Database Developer  ·  Jan 2007 - Dec 2007 (1 yr)  ·  Eagan, MN

Duties: Database maintenance (T-SQL), internal tech support, client tech support, employee training, disaster project recovery, server administration (IIS running monolithic MS-Access/T-SQL based software service), desktop application development

Primary Skillsets:T-SQL, .NET, Visual Basic, C#, MS Access, Windows Servers

Personal Life Goals

     My personal life goals revolve around caring for family, partaking in as varied and different cultures as possible, producing art and knowledge others can appreciate and find useful, and celebrating my friends.

End Career Goals

     My career objective is to gather as much experience in as many different aspects of computing as possible. My end goal is to rise to a top-level decision-making position within a company that that enables me to: I) pursue and guide creative/exploratory development, II) the privilege to lead my peers and company through the adventures of business, or III) obtain a mastery over my employed position in a company that affords me the liberty of commanding my own position.

     Eventually, around the age of 60 (give or take a decade), I'd like to retire to teaching computer science for the local education system.