Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage

The world relies on the food and beverage processing industry to do its job well, and the industry relies on its equipment to deliver. DXP offers a comprehensive line of specialty equipment designed to meet this industry鈥檚 demanding standards.


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In a highly competitive landscape, a plant鈥檚 efficiency can be the difference between profitability and loss. Today鈥檚 pump and seal technologies deliver optimal results by consuming less electricity and reducing materials waste.

Fit for purpose

The food and beverage industry needs precision equipment to produce consistent products that meet consumer and regulatory demands. Constant temperatures and pressures are often just the beginning. DXP鈥檚 team of process engineers partners with customers to fine-tune their systems for whatever they will handle, from ground beef to maple syrup.

Work with the best

DXP boasts a broad range of in-house design and manufacturing facilities capable of addressing many of the food and beverage industry鈥檚 processing challenges. If our capabilities can鈥檛 do the job, we have partnerships with many of the world鈥檚 leading manufacturers of industrial equipment. No challenge is too big for DXP.

Roots run deep

DXP began over a century ago as a pump supplier to the budding agriculture industry around Houston, Texas. We鈥檙e proud of our long tradition of serving the food sector. Today鈥檚 DXP draws upon its deep experience with the industry to provide responsive, business-minded service.

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